Since my maiden trip to Yala National Park in 2002 and my first ever leopard sighting, I had the strong urge to return to the jungle with a camera of my own to photo catch the stunning wildlife. However, I was only able to revisit the Yala National Park in 2014 with my own gear, but lady luck eluded me, sightings were scarce. Fast forward to 2019 and there you have it, my first proper photograph of a leopard, which ultimately fuelled my passion to keep retuning to the jungle frequently and bask in the wonder of the wilderness.
The more I visited the jungles of Sri Lanka, the more I fell in love with the entire experience, from early starts to be the first at the park entrance, to bumpy rides on a rusty jeep, the cool breeze on my face to the warmth of the rising sun, the anticipation at every bend, to be rewarded with breathtaking sightings that last a life time.
I believe my collection of photographs is my way of sharing with you the passion I have for wildlife and photography. As you gaze in to the eyes of a leopard or admire the majesty of a tusker, as you get lost in a million “wild” thoughts, do you have the urge to be in nature yourself? If yes, then I believe my work as a photographer is done.
If there is a moment of nature that I have captured, which you want to call your own, do make a request and I would be delighted to share the joys from the wild with you. Your purchase will also contribute to wildlife conservation, research & awareness efforts in Sri Lanka, please do reach out to me for further details.
Thank you immensely, for exploring my website. For more journeys of my best moments captured in the wild, scroll through the Gallery.
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